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Some notes on Latex Slides

终于被要给学生上课准备的Powerpoint Slides搞火了,一个字体大小的问题搞来搞去就是搞不好,算了,我又不需要那么多特效,推推公式就行,还是用Latex吧,无奈啊


Prosper is a LaTeX class for writing transparencies. It is written on top of the seminar class by Timothy Van Zandt. It aims at offering an environment for easily creating slides for both presentations with an overhead projector and a video projector. Slides prepared for a presentation with a computer and a video projector
may integrate animation effects, incremental display, and such.



The Beamer Project is a software project which wants to create a good replacement for Microsoft Powerpoint for song text projection in (youth) services as free software.

The beamer class is a LaTeX class that allows you to create a beamer presentation. It can also be used to create slides. It behaves similarly to other packages like Prosper, but has the advantage that it works together directly with pdflatex, but also with dvips.




HA-prosper is a patch for prosper that adds new functionality to prosper based presentations. Among the new features you will find automatic generation of a table of contents on each slide, support for notes and portrait slides. The available styles demonstrate how to expand the functionality of prosper even further.

Powerdot is a presentation class for LaTeX that allows for the quick and easy development of professional presentations. It comes with many tools that enhance presentations and aid the presenter. Examples are automatic overlays, personal notes and a handout mode. To view a presentation, DVI, PS or PDF output can be used. A powerful template system is available to easily develop new styles. A LyX layout file is provided.

作者Hendri Adriaens的老家在


foiltex是一个TeX的文档类,它可以用来制作TeX幻灯片. foiltex可以通过选项来设置页眉和页脚规则以及页面内容等。宏 \MyLogo 可以用来将图片作为标识加到每一页中(放在每一页页脚的左边)

用 LaTex 命令处理foiltex源文件会得到DVI输出,用pdftex处理得到高质量的PDF文件,还可以用latex2html和foilHTML包(可以从CTAN下载)处理从而得到HTML文件输出。

要求: LaTeX, pdfTeX, latex2html and FoilHTML


要求: LaTeX, hyperref.sty, pdfTeX, latex2html for HTML output.

PPower4 是一个用 LaTeX 创建动态页面的后处理程序

PPower4 体统了一个很小的 LaTeX 包(pause.sty),它可以在背景保持不变的情况下插入一个着色的区域,在后处理的过程中,PPower4 将这个区域块放在新的页面,并重设页码,使得看上去仿佛是一个页面逐渐显示。另外还提供了用来设置北京颜色的 background.sty包和换页效果包pagetrans.tex -- 这实际上上hyperref.sty的一个特点。

要求: JVM or JRE (Java 1.1.6, 1.2; Kaffe >= 1.0.5) hyperref.sty



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