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Some notes on where you are in your job search

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This checklist is designed to help you find where you may be off target in your job search. The way you answer the following questions may yield some important clues. Complete this form and answer each question either YES (1) or NO (0). Then the tally of your “YES” answers will appear at the end of the form and you can discuss the results with a career counselor.

I. What you know about yourself and your preferences
______ 1. Can you clearly state your career goals?
______ 2. Can you explain why you chose your major?
______ 3. Can you describe your greatest strength?
______ Your greatest weakness?
______ 4. Can you name the work activities you do best and most enjoy?
______ How about non-work activities?
______ 5. Can you list at least five job skills and abilities you have?
6. For each of your most important job related experiences, can you list
______ a. five things you did?
______ b. five things you learned?
______ c. several contributions you made or things you accomplished?
______ 7. Have you clearly defined your geographical preferences and limitations?
______ 8. Have you determined the salary range you will consider?
______ 9. Are you familiar with the professional associations and publications in your field?

II. What you know about employers:
______ 10. Can you name at least three fields of employment into which you might fit?
______ 11. Can you name at least ten kinds of employers that might hire a person with
your background?
______ 12. Can you name at least ten position titles that might fit you?
______ 13. Do you know four or five resources to help you find the answers to questions 10, 11, and 12 above?
______ 14. Can you name at least four sources of information that could help you
discover potential employers in a particular geographical area?
______ 15. In the past month, have you talked to at least three people who are employed
in your field of interest with the purpose of learning more about what they do?
______ 16. Can you name at least five employers to whom you have applied for work in
the past two weeks?
______ 17. Are any of these employers curious as to how your skills could help their
III. You job seeking contacts to employers:
______ 18. Have you developed a “network” of friends, relatives, and instructors who are familiar with your field of interest?
______ 19. Do you use more than just advertised job vacancy listings as a source for job leads?
______ 20. Have you asked for feedback on your resume?
______ 21. When you apply to an employer, do you address your cover letter to a specific person?
______ 22. Are you familiar with the organizational structure, services/programs/products of the employers to whom you are applying?
______ 23. Do you know the question employers are likely to ask in an interview?
______ 24. Can you clearly state why you are interested in working for each employer to whom you apply?
25. Have you used any of the following methods to prepare for an interview:
______ a. role-playing with a friend or relative?
______ b. role-playing by yourself in front of a mirror?
______ c. writing out answers to common interview questions?
______ d. manuals and services offered by your career services office?

Total Score 26 – 32
On the right track. Keep up the good work.
Total Score 15 – 25
Close. Why not discuss with your career counselor at the CRC?
Total Score 14 or below
Definitely discuss with your career counselor at the CRC!

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