Friday, December 10, 2004


Chess Program in C#

Yet Another Chess Board Control
By Cafechess

A chess control with full move validation including checks, mates, stalemates. PGN and FEN parsers.

The GUI is not very cute. The translation of PGN and FEN is too simple but easy to understand.

rnChessBoardControl v 1.1 FULL Beta for .Net 1.1

This GUI looks much better.

3. Valil.Chess
By Valentin Iliescu

Features summary
Three playing modes: play against the local engine, against a XML Chess Web Service, or in two-players mode.
Full understanding of the chess rules: draw by repetition / by 50 move rule / by insufficient material, castling, en passant etc.
Save/load games in PGN (Portable Game Notation) and FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation) formats.
Autosave feature: automatically resumes an interrupted game.
Move history in SAN (Standard Algebraic Notation) with navigation capabilities (go to first/previous/next/last position in a game).
C# local engine with six difficulty levels - can force the AI opponent to move.
Board editor.
Can rotate the board.
Gives next move hint
Skinnable graphics.
Accepts input using the mouse or the keyboard (using a cursor).
Integration capabilities with WinBoard engines (Crafty etc.).
Displays the game status.

The AI feature is good. It demonstrate how to implement a simple alpha-beta cut quickly.


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