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Some notes on Task Scheduling

Using Application Desktop Toolbars


SAMPLE: Appbar.exe - Creating an Application Desktop Toolbar


The Windows Explorer shell on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0 allows an application to register an application desktop toolbar that behaves with the same look and feel as the Windows Explorer taskbar.

Application Desktop Toolbar (Appbar)

By Carmela Santos August 8, 1998
From http://www.codeguru.com/Cpp/COM-Tech/shell/article.php/c1343/

Although MS has a brief essay on Application Desktop Toolbar, Carmela Santos's nice source code is more clear and useful.

Legacy CodeGuru

12:00am Very useful... but there's a slight bug

Originally posted by: Matt Scheybeler
Very useful class, saved me a lot of time.

Unfortunately there is a slight bug in the appbar dragging code in CAppBarDlg. It manifests itself in the following way:

When the appbar has been attached to an edge for the first time, when the user clicks (without moving the mouse), the desktop resizes back to normal state behind the appbar. If the appbar is dragged or clicked on again, the desktop resizes properly.

The reason for this is that if CAppBarDlg::OnLButtonUp() is called without a call to OnMouseMove(), m_rcDrag has not been initialised.


m_rcDrag = m_pAppBar->m_rcAppBar;

to OnLButtonDown() will fix it."

TaskSwitchXP provides the same functionality as the existing application switching mechanism in Windows XP/2003 today. When the hotkey combination Alt + Tab (or Alt + Shift + Tab) is pressed, TaskSwitchXP generates the list of open windows in which the end user is working. This list of open windows is presented as a group of icons, with one outlined by a selection rectangle. As the end user continues to hold the Alt key and presses the Tab key, the selection rectangle moves to the next (previous) icon. The selected icon represents the application that Windows will bring to the foreground once the Alt key is released. In addition to displaying an icon list, however, TaskSwitchXP show also a thumbnail preview of the window that will be switched to.


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