Friday, May 07, 2004


Some notes on Desktop

First, we should know what hides behind.

The article below is a good try in C#. The class provided is easy to use. And it shows some basic functions.

Desktop Switching
by Nnamdi Onyeyiri

The following two articles about the order of windows on a desktop are written by Raymond Chen.

A commenter asked why the original window order is not always preserved when you undo a Show Desktop.

Why isn't the original window order always preserved when you undo a Show Desktop?

Zhefu Zhang had already developed some interesting applications on WinStation/Desktop's DACL. For example,

COM Interface Hooking

Super PasswordSpy++

GUI-Based RunAsEx (this one is really nice!)

Lock Windows Desktop
By afeijao

OK, finally we arrive our application: switch desktop to hide the screen when boss is coming. My friends asked me to write such a program for them. I think it is quite easy, we need to

a) first create a new desktop;
b) then regist two special hotkey: one for switching, the other for closing;
c) finally detect your boss and switch the screen in time.

It has been proven that The RegisterHotKey function defines a system-wide hot key. That's to say, WM_HOTKEY messages can be triggered in all the desktops.

The most difficult task is c). However, I do not need to worry about it. My boss does not care what you are doing. He just cares what you can give him.

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